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Real World Digital Photography I

August 17 - 23, 2008
Maine Photographic Workshops • Rockport, Maine
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Digital photography has changed the way photographers create images, both in terms of the actual work with the camera, and the possibilities that exist in the digital darkroom. Instead of waiting a day or more for film to be processed, the photographer can now relate to the image while still at the location. This presents possibilities for improved exposure and composition, as well as new visual discoveries and insights that arise from seeing the image immediately after it has been exposed. In the digital darkroom, precision adjustments for color and tonal balance, contrast, and sharpness allow for unparalleled creative and technical control.

This class is a combination of presentation, exploration and discovery. Most days will be a blend of learning exposure and capture techniques with our digital cameras and using Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for exploring the digital imaging workflow to enhance our photographs. The beauty and variety of the central Maine coast offers a wide range of intersting possibilities for creative image making. The class is geared towards photographers using digital SLRs that are capable of capturing RAW images. A digital SLR camera is required for this course.

Camera/Photography topics include:

• Camera resolution & image size

• File format and JPEG compression issues

• Raw: What it is and why it's so important

• White balance & other critical camera settings

• Seeing the light: Know your light meter!

• Exposure compensation

• Using the histogram in the field

• The Right Stuff: exposing for the ideal histogram

• Camera techniques for great panoramas

• Learn the difference in how you see and how your camera sees

Digital Darkroom topics include:

•Download & Archive: Protecting your images

• Using Adobe Camera Raw

• 8-Bit vs. 16-Bit

• A basic workflow with Photoshop Lightroom

• Taking advantage of metadata

• Non-destructive editing in Photoshop: the "Master Image"

• Color management overview

• Global color & tonal correction essentials

• Selective tonal & color correction

• Combining two exposures for increased dynamic range

• Automated & manual panorama assembly techniques

• Image sharpening

• Printing from Photoshop and outlab printing

• A basic overview of Digital Asset Management (DAM)

• Advantages of DNG for archiving raw files

Please note that this is not a beginning Photoshop class nor a beginning computer class. While it is OK to be new to Photoshop, this should not be your first experience with the program. You should have a working familiarity with both Photoshop and computer basics on either Windows or Mac. If you have questions regarding your level of Photoshop experience and whether it is sufficient for this workshop, please feel free to contact me. All example images used in the class will be provided to you.

Real World Digital Photography II takes up where this class leaves off and will be offered at the Maine Photographic Workshops Oct 5 - 11, 2008

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