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Photoshop Collage:
The Art of the Multi-Image Composite

March 17 – 20, 2011 • $495.00
Mesilla Digital Imaging Workshops,
Mesilla, New Mexico
Click here to Register or call 575-523-8713

Although photographers have long combined different photos to create new images, the digital darkroom has elevated the multiple-image collage to a new level. In addition to surreal fabricated realties or image blending to tell a story, the photographic collage is also uniquely suited to portray the more intangible world of ideas, memory and emotion.

In this workshop, we will be using Adobe Photoshop CS5 to explore the multi-faceted art of the photographic composite. Our explorations will range from simple collages created using varying opacity or blend mode magic, to the creation of surreal, photo-realistic flights of fancy created from multiple originals.

Some of the topics for this class include:

• Essential selection, masking and knockout techniques

• Layers, Layer Groups & Layer Clipping Masks

• Simple collages based on image overlays, blending modes

• The Advanced Blending Options

• Precision collage control with Layer Masks

• Image transformation tools including Free Transform and Warp

• Using Smart Objects to non-destructively transform or warp

• Creating a collage from different source photos

• Multi-exposure composites to control contrast

• HDR (high dynamic range) Imaging

• Matching color and lighting between images

• Photographic considerations for creating images specifically for a collage.

Please note that this is not a beginning Photoshop class, nor is it a beginning computer class. You should have a working familiarity with both Photoshop and computer basics on either Windows or Mac . All example images used in the class will be provided to you.

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