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The Creative Digital Darkroom:
Photoshop Beyond the Basics

February 11 - 12, 2012
Center for Photographic Art • Carmel, California
Members: $245 / Non-Members $295
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NOTE: Participants are required to bring their own laptop computer
with either Photoshop CS5, or CS4 installed on it*.

This two-day class is designed by a photographer for photographers. We will delve into essential beyond the basics skills and concepts that pertain to crafting quality images in Photoshop and apply them to a variety of hands-on projects. In the process, you will be introduced to new techniques and conceptual approaches that will enable you to take your Photoshop image editing skills to a new level.

In addition to pure Photoshop technique, we will also take a look at the very important pre-Photoshop part of the process. This involves exploring concepts and methods for evaluating a photograph to honestly assess it and determine what changes might improve it, identifying not only what the image might need, but also discovering your intent for the photograph. This process can help create a more clear path through the editing process and can become an essential part of how you approach your digital darkroom work.

The Diary; pinhole photograph

The main topics for the class will include:

  • Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in-depth
  • When to edit in ACR and when to edit in Photoshop
  • Color and tonal correction in depth:  advanced techniques for “normal” and problem images
  • Adjustment layers for global and local changes
  • Selective color enhancement techniques to modify, match and enhance colors
  • Selections and masking techniques
  • Understanding Blending Modes
  • Extend contrast range of camera or scanner with multiple exposures or scans of a scene
  • Adjustment layers for black & white, toning, tinting and split-toning techniques
  • Creating a simple multi-image composite
  • Preparing files for printing

All example images used in the class will be provided. You can also bring a few of your own images to work with during the class as there may be time for you to work on images to practice the techniques covered.

* Participants are required to bring their own laptop computer that has Photoshop CS5 or CS4 on it. The class will be taught using Photoshop CS5 so that version is preferred. Photoshop CS4 may also be used but there may be slight differences in some features and techniques that are shown.

Who Should Take This Class / Prerequisites
This class is for photographers who have a good working knowledge of basic Photoshop procedures and a solid familiarity of the program's interface. This is not a beginner class.

Seán Duggan is a photographer, author and educator with extensive digital imaging experience that is grounded in a traditional fine art photographic background. He is the co-author of Real World Digital Photography (Peachpit, 2010), The Creative Digital Darkroom (O’Reilly Media, 2008), and Photoshop Artistry (New Riders 2006). Through his classes, writing and custom training he has been helping photographers master all aspects of digital imaging for nearly 15 years. An Adobe Certified Photoshop expert, his Lightroom Tips & Tricks column can be seen regularly in Photoshop User magazine. He teaches workshops at venues across the U.S and also provides consulting services and one-on-one training, both in person and online.

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