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Creative Camera Raw in Photoshop CS3

September 20 – 21, 2008
Digital Stop / Bytes2Print • Berkeley, California
$600 • Registration Info

Digital photography has changed the way photographers create images, both in terms of the actual work with the camera, and the possibilities that exist in the digital darkroom. One of the most important components in a non-destructive digital workflow is shooting in Raw to ensure maximum flexibility in the development process.

This two-day class delves deep into working with raw expousres in Adobe Camera Raw. We will also touch on Photoshop Lightroom, which uses theCamera Raw processing engine under the hood, and Adobe Bridge, which can be integrated with Camera Raw to speed the processing of digital photographs and add important metadata that can be easily searched to help you locate images faster..

A blend of two tripod-mounted raw exposures to extend dynamic range and reveal detail in the deep shadows.

Day One: We will explore a clear workflow for digital asset management (DAM) and cover dealing with your digital camera files from download through batch renaming, the application of bulk and image-specific metadata, sorting, rating, keywording, initial raw processing and archiving. Programs that will be discussed are Adobe Bridge CS3, Photoshop Lightroom and iView Media Pro (now Microsoft Expression Media). The benefits of the Digital Negative (DNG) raw format and establishing a crash-proof backup system will also be discussed. We will also take a look at Camera Raw fundamanetals and how it integrates with Adobe Bridge.

Day 2: We will embark on an in-depth exploration of Adobe Camera Raw 4.2 in Photoshop CS3. Every feature in the eight tabbed panels of the dialog will be fully explained to help you get the most from your raw files. Speeding up your raw processing by taking advantage of batch processing capabilities and using saved presets will also be discussed, as will specialized techniques that are only available with raw files such as Dual Process Raw and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. The raw workflow in Bridge/Camera Raw will be compared to the features in Lightroom to help you decide if Lightroom is a program that would benefit your workflow.

This is a laptop-based class. Particpants bring their own laptop computers with Phtoshop CS3 installed. Please note that this is not a beginning Photoshop class nor a beginning computer class. While it is OK to be new to Photoshop, this should not be your first experience with the program. You should have a working familiarity with both Photoshop and computer basics onyour own computer. If you have questions regarding your level of Photoshop experience and whether it is sufficient for this workshop, please feel free to contact me. All example images used in the class will be provided to you.

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